The Assisting Latinos to Maximize Achievement (ALMA) Program is a 4-day early move-in program consisting of workshops, dialogues, and other social activities to aid incoming students, who identify themselves as Latina/o or Hispanic, in making the transition to student life at the University of Michigan. You will be introduced to University faculty, staff, administrators, students and offices that will be of service to you when it comes to academic, social, cultural and mental well-being.

Participants come from all different ethnic backgrounds, making ALMA a truly diverse program where students can learn more about themselves, their culture, and what unites them in the Latina/o community on the University of Michigan campus.

ALMA serves many purposes to the Latina/o community and the university community as a whole including: acting as a mentorship and retention program; an educational orientation program of the campus and its resources; and a tool to promote involvement in the Latino/a community to strengthen its presence on campus.



What can ALMA do for you?

  • Connect you with other University of Michigan students, faculty, and staff
  • Familiarize you with your residence hall, campus, & the Ann Arbor community
  • Demonstrate the extra curricular activities available and other opportunities to be involved on campus
  • Help you develop professionally, academically and culturally
  • Educate members on diversity and self-identity
  • Build friendships that will last throughout your 4 year undergraduate experience and beyond

Click Here to Apply!





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